Full Video & Transcript: President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump Visit Civilian Heroes and First Responders of Las Vegas Shooting, Wednesday, October 4, 2017

See live video — and later, full replay and transcript — of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visiting with civilian heroes and first responders of the Las Vegas shooting on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. The visit takes place just two days after the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, which claimed the lives of more than 60 people and left more than 500 injured. See it in real time with the live stream video player embedded below starting at 11:50 a.m. PDT local time; 2:50 p.m. EDT (GMT – 4.) Thereafter check back for the full text and replay which will be posted as soon as available.

UPDATE: Full replay videos and transcripts have been added below.

Video 1 (of 4): President Trump Visits with Civilian Heroes and First Responders.

Remarks by President Trump to Civilian Heroes and Law Enforcement Officials

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas, Nevada

12:54 P.M. PDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Governor. And we really appreciate that. And I will tell you, the people of Nevada and the extraordinary city have shown the world their incredible character, courage, and resolve. Nevada really is a very, very special place.

I’m honored to be here today at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in the company of heroes. Thank you to our police, our firefighters, and to our first responders, and of course to Sheriff Lombardo. Incredible job you’ve done.

Mayor Goodman — hello, Mayor Goodman. Senator Heller, thank you very much. Senator Cortez Masto. Majority Leader. Where is Kevin — Majority Leader? Kevin McCarthy. Adam Laxalt. All of the great congressmen that we have with us today from both parties, we just are very honored that you could be with us.

And on behalf of a grateful nation, Melania and I thank each and every one of you in law enforcement. In the depths of horror, we will always find hope in the men and women who risk their lives for ours. The mass murder that took place on Sunday night fills America’s heart with grief. America is truly a nation in mourning.

I visited the hospital earlier today where many victims are still recovering from their wounds, and we ask God to ease their suffering and to speed their healing. We pray for the recovery of the injured and those injured officers who so bravely threw themselves into danger when duty called. And we grieve the loss of the law enforcement personnel who were killed in this vicious attack.

Many families tonight will go to bed in a world that is suddenly empty. The people they so dearly love were torn away from them forever.

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Our souls are stricken with grief for every American who lost a husband or a wife, a mother or a father, a son or a daughter. We know that your sorrow feels endless. We stand together to help you carry your pain. You’re not alone. We will never leave your side.

Here at the police department, we remember one of our own who died this week, Charles Hartfield. He was a very, very special person. Officer Hartfield was a proud veteran, a devoted husband, a loving father. His death is a tragic loss for this police force, for this city, and for our great nation.

We struggle for the words to explain to our children how such evil can exist, how there can be such cruelty and such suffering. But we cannot be defined by the evil that threatens us, or the violence that incites such terror.

We’re defined by our love, our caring, and our courage. In the darkest moments, what shines most brightly is the goodness that thrives in the hearts of our people. That goodness is our lighthouse. And our solace is knowledge that the souls of those who passed are now at peace in Heaven.

Here on Earth, we are blessed to be surrounded by heroes. As one eyewitness recounted this week: “While everyone else was crouching, police officers were standing up as targets, just trying to direct people and tell them where to go.” The officers were standing up in the line of fire to help those in danger and to find out where those horrible shots were coming from.

Words cannot describe the bravery that the whole world witnessed on Sunday night. Americans defied death and hatred with love and with courage. When the word — and the worst of humanity strikes — and strike it did — the best of humanity responds.

Parents and spouses used their own bodies as shields to protect their loved ones. Americans dashed into a hail of bullets to rescue total strangers.

Joining us today are many of the heroes who were here during that horrible moment, that horrible night, including Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers Tyler Peterson and Tana Gurule, and civilian Aaron Stalker.

Officer Peterson was on his second day on the job when the shooting began. I just visited with him in the hospital. Within minutes, he joined a group of officers rushing between flying bullets to clear the fairground and save lives.

Officer Gurule was off-duty attending the concert. Although she was unarmed, as soon as the shooting began, she threw on a yellow police vest and began evacuating victims.

And Aaron Stalker, a veteran, rushed to the scene to search for his loved ones, but when he couldn’t find them, he began helping every person he could. As he recounts: “We used the plastic barriers as gurneys to carry the injured to transportation. I made splints out of whatever I could find and used anything to stop the horrible bleeding.”

Among the wounded was the mother of Aaron’s girlfriend. She is still in the hospital, and we are all pulling for her.

To every hero we [who] helped — every hero saved so many lives. And believe me, a grateful nation thanks you. The example of those whose final act was to sacrifice themselves for those they loved should inspire all of us to show more love every day for the people who grace our lives.

In the months ahead, we will all have to wrestle with the horror of what has unfolded this week, but we will struggle through it together. We will endure the pain together. And we will overcome together as Americans.

May God bless and watch over those who protect us. May God bring healing to the families of the wounded, the injured, and the fallen. And may God bless our great country, America. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you, Governor. Thank you very much.


1:02 P.M. PDT

Video 2 (of 4): Remarks by President Trump after Meeting with Patients and Medical Professionals

Remarks by President Trump After Meeting with Patients and Medical Professionals

University Medical Center

Las Vegas, Nevada

11:53 A.M. PDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hey, everybody. I just got done and I just met some of the most amazing people. We met patients that were absolutely terribly wounded. And the doctors, the nurses, all of the people at the hospital have done a job that’s indescribable. And they were full the night that it happened, before it happened, and they found room for many people. How many people came in, Doctor?

DR. FILDES: We had 100 come in and we admitted 50.

THE PRESIDENT: What I saw today is just an incredible tribute to professionalism, and what they have done is incredible. And you never want to see it again, that I can tell you. And the patients, the bravery — some were very, very badly wounded, and they were badly wounded because they refused to leave. They wanted to help others because they saw people going down all over.

And it’s an incredible thing to see. There’s tremendous bravery. The police department, incredible. The people themselves, incredible. People leaving ambulances to have somebody else go because they thought they were hurt even more so. The professionalism of the doctors and the medical staffs at this hospital and at other hospitals — you were saying how the coordination that you had with other hospitals —

DR. FILDES: The community covered everything. They did a perfect job.

THE PRESIDENT: John, say a few words to the press.

DR. FILDES: We couldn’t be more proud of the community response. Every hospital took serious patients. Everybody took care of them well. And we’ve exercised our disaster plan in Las Vegas, and it was rolled out flawlessly.

THE PRESIDENT: I have to tell you, it makes you very proud to be an American when you see the job that they’ve done. And people that would not be around today are up there and they’ll be leaving the hospital in a week or two weeks, or five weeks, and in some cases, even in a few days.

MR. FILDES: In a few hours.

THE PRESIDENT: It’s amazing. One in a few hours. And you would never have believed that.

So I just want to congratulate everybody. It’s incredible. Incredible what you’ve done. We met quite a few people. And, believe me, they are very lucky to be here.

Q What message do you have for them, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think the only message I can say is that we’re with you 100 percent. We are — in fact, I invited a lot of them over to the White House. I said, if you’re ever in Washington, come on over to the Oval Office. (Laughter.) And they’re all saying, “We want to do it. How do we do it?” And believe me, I’ll be there for them.

But the message that I have is: We have a great country and we are there for you. And they’re there for us.

Q Mr. President, do you think (inaudible) a gun violence problem?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re not going to talk about that today. We won’t talk about that.

Q Any indication of a motive, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: Not yet, and we’re looking. I can tell you, it’s a very sick man. He was a very demented person. We haven’t seen that yet, but you will know very soon if we find something. We’re looking very, very hard.

I’m actually going over to the police department, who likewise, Doctor, been incredible.

DR. FILDES: Unbelievable.

THE PRESIDENT: The fact that they were able to locate that zone and get in there — they say 11 minutes — whatever it was, it kept him busy and he stopped firing because he knew they were coming into that door at some point. And I think they did an incredible job.

The professionalism has just been amazing. So I want to thank you all. And we’re now going over to the police headquarters.

And, doctors, thank you very much. We appreciate it. Fantastic. Thank you.

Q Mr. President, any response to Rex Tillerson’s comments —

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. I’m very honored by his comments. It was fake news. It was a totally phony story.

Thank you very much. It was made up. It was made up by NBC. They just made it up.

Thank you all. Thank you.

Q Do you have confidence in him?

THE PRESIDENT: Total confidence in Rex. I have total confidence.

Thank you very much, everybody.


11:57 A.M. PDT

Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with First Responders

Las Vegas Police Department Command Center

Las Vegas, Nevada

12:10 P.M. PDT

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I want to congratulate you on a job well done — the professionalism. I just left the hospital, and I have to tell you the doctors, the nurses, everybody over there was incredible, and at numerous hospitals.

PARTICIPANT: Thank you for doing that.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, they were really –- I met a lot of the patients. And you saved them, and the doctors, nurses, all of the people at the hospital. Cab drivers were great. Cab drivers were asking people — telling people, get out of the car. And they were grabbing — one instance where a young woman said the cab driver just threw people out of the car and said, look — hopped in and took them to the hospital. There’s really a lot of stories that are great heroism. Tremendous number of stories.

But what the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police did is — but I’ve always known you were good, right? You know that. I’ve always known you guys were good, but you really proved it.

And he’s a sick, demented man. Have they been able to find out anything else? It’s a little bit soon?

PARTICIPANT: Still a little bit soon. We have a couple of good leads and we’re working our way through that. We’re going to get the answers.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, no, there might be something there. But the wires are screwed up, but there might be something there.

Well, again, I’m going to say a few words to your group, but I just wanted to come in and say hello and congratulate you. I was a fan before this — you know that. Everyone in this room knows that. A big fan before this. And I guess, if you could be more of a fan, I guess I’m even more of a fan now. But you showed the world, and the world is watching. And you showed what professionalism is all about, because that was about as fast — something like that could take place for hours and hours and hours, and you can’t figure it out. And you should be very proud, Sheriff.

SHERIFF LOMBARDO: Just a matter of identification — Officer Hancock there at the end, to your right there, he was the first SWAT officer to engage the individual. And Officer Bitsko there, the K-9 officer that assisted with that initial (inaudible). And Officer Morris (ph) and Officer Burt (ph) there were the two officers I described that were partnered with the security guard.

THE PRESIDENT: He did a good job, didn’t he? He did a good job. Now, his option would have been try to do it himself. But if it doesn’t work, you wouldn’t have had the information, maybe, right? He did the right thing.

PARTICIPANT: He did. We relied on him for the information.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s great. That’s really great.

SHERIFF LOMBARDO: So everyone else, seated behind the press there, were integral in saving numerous lives. The gentleman right to your left, that firefighter right there was off-duty watching the concert, and remained to save several lives.

So I think it’s important for you to know that every single person in here was instrumental in lifesaving measures. And these two young ladies here were our dispatchers, so they’re probably the most important people in the room —

THE PRESIDENT: Calm and strong and sharp.

PARTICIPANT: If you ever have the opportunity to listen to the radio traffic, these two young ladies were amazing. The third young lady decided to go to Cabo.

PARTICIPANT: She needed a break — (laughter) — and a margarita.


12:13 P.M. PDT

Video 3 (of 4): President Trump visits the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Video 4 (of 4): Remarks by President Trump after visiting the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Live stream video is above. Live coverage begins at 11:50 a.m. PDT local time; 2:50 p.m. EDT (GMT – 4.) With World Clock you can find the equivalent in your time zone on Wednesday, October 4 or Thursday, October 5, accordingly.

In recent days, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have Tweeted about the mass shooting.

President Donald Trump’s public schedule for Wednesday, October 4, 2017 is below.

(EDT; GMT/UTC – 4)
7:40 a.m. — The President and First Lady depart the White House en route to Joint Base Andrews – South Lawn
8:00 a.m. — The President and First Lady depart Washington, D.C. en route to Las Vegas, Nevada – Joint Base Andrews

(PDT; GMT/UTC – 8)
9:30 a.m. — The President and First Lady arrive in Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas McCarran International Airport
10:00 a.m. — The President and First Lady visit with patients and medical professionals – Las Vegas Hospital
11:50 a.m. — The President and First Lady visit with civilian heroes and first responders – Las Vegas Location
1:10 p.m. — The President and First Lady depart Las Vegas, Nevada en route to Washington, D.C. – Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

(EDT; GMT/UTC – 4)
8:30 p.m. — The President and First Lady arrive at the White House – South Lawn

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Video: President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump Visit Civilian Heroes and First Responders of Las Vegas Shooting, Wednesday, October 4, 2017


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