Full Video: Kellyanne Conway ‘MediaBuzz’ Interview on Mainstream Media Bias, May 14, 2017

Here’s the full video of Kellyanne Conway’s’ interview with Howard Kurtz on Fox News ‘MediaBuzz.’ The Counselor to the President discussed mainstream media bias and negativity in reporting on President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey. She also spoke of negativity directed towards her including Anderson Cooper’s eye rolling during an interview with her. The complete replay is below.

The video is above. Kellyanne Conway discussed media reaction to President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director Comey.

She was also asked about Anderson Cooper’s infamous eye rolling during her interview with him earlier in the week. A gif of that moment went viral on Twitter and other social media (below).

She said it was possibly sexist, definitely what I call Trumpist.” Elaborating, she went on to say, “Which is many people who go on TV are treated like house guests, and then when we go on TV, we’re not.”

The interview was broadcast originally on Sunday, May 14, 2017.

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Full Video: Kellyanne Conway ‘MediaBuzz’ Interview, May 14, 2017


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