Full Video: Vice President Joe Biden on The View: Final Appearance as VP, Jan. 13, 2017

Here’s the full video of Vice President Joe Biden on ‘The View.’ In his final appearance as VP on the program he addressed a range of topics including President Obama surprising him by awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The replay and more details are below.

In speaking with co-hosts Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Behar and the others, he said of receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, “First of all, I don’t think I did deserve that. I’m being serious. But secondly, I had not the slightest idea.”

He went on to explain he was led to believe the event — held at the White House at the State Dining Room — was just a toast. He said, “I thought the families were going to sit down and sort of reminisce about the last eight years. I walk in and see everybody who’s been important in my life in the room.”

Continuing, he added, “I started to walk out and there were military lined up. Then when the guy came up with a medal, I thought, ‘Who the hell is this for?'”

He also spoke about his relationship with President Obama and said, “Relationships are built based on trust. I got to watch this man make some astoundingly difficult decisions. He had to learn to trust me in the process, and I had to learn to trust him.”

He also expressed his concerns about President-Elect Donald Trump and the incoming administration. Asked about his biggest concern, he said, “What I worry about is the inadvertent mistake in the near term on foreign policy. By that I mean — I don’t mean any nuclear war, that kind of malarkey.” He went on to express dismay saying that the President-Elect “dismissing” intelligence agencies “really plays into Russia’s hand, which is the hand they’re playing and Mr. Putin is playing.”

His wife, Dr. Jill Biden joined him for a segment and the two of them discussed a range of topics

The program was broadcast originally on Friday, January 13, 2017.

Photo credit: Screenshot via White House

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Full Video: Vice President Joe Biden on The View: Final Appearance as VP, Jan. 13, 2017


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