Cameron Diaz on ‘GMA’ (Video) Live Interview on ‘The Longevity Book’ and Aging

Here’s the video of Cameron Diaz’s live interview on ‘Good Morning America.’ The actress spoke about her newly published book’ The Longevity Book’ and opened up about aging at the GMA Times Square Studio in New York City with Lara Spencer and Amy Robach and the studio audience. The replay and more details are below.

Video is above. Cameron Diaz made an appearance on GMA on the same day, Tuesday, April 5, as the publication of her new book, ‘The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time’ which is available at Amazon and other retailers.

Asked why she had written the book, she said, “I think that as we get older, there are phases of life that we enter into and I was entering the phase of 40 and I started getting a lot of questions about, was I scared to turn 40, are you afraid to turn 40?’

She went on to say, “Heck no. Why should I be afraid? Beats the alternative. Only one thing happening if you’re not aging and it ain’t so fun. If you’re alive, for me what I learned is that aging is really about living. And so I feel very grateful that I actually get to turn another year older because not everybody does.”

Continuing, she shared her thoughts on aging, saying, “There’s no secret to aging well. It’s how well you live, how well you take care of yourself. There’s five pillars to well-being; it’s good nutrition, good movement of the body, good night’s sleep, stress-release, and meaningful, connected relationships.”

Diaz also took questions from the live studio audience. The interview was originally broadcast on Tuesday, April 5, 2016.

Photo credit: David Shankbone (CC BY 2.0) (cropped)

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Cameron Diaz on ‘GMA’ (Video) Live Interview on ‘The Longevity Book’ and Aging


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