Sarah Palin on GMA (Video) Live Interview on ‘Sweet Freedom’ Book

Sarah Palin

Here’s the video of Sarah Palin on Good Morning America. See the full live interview of the former Alaska Governor and 2008 GOP VP candidate on her new book, ‘Sweet Freedom’ and other topics, conducted by co-anchor Robin Roberts in the GMA Times Square Studio. The replay and more details below.

In the live interview, Sarah Palin spoke about her new book,’Sweet Freedom: A Devotional,’ available at Amazon.

Asked about her recent statement about being willing to run again and which particular elective office she would seek she said, “No particular office but what it would take is knowing that the American public would be ready for, again, someone going rogue, you know and calling it like they see it and having the experience that they believe could be put to good use in the name of service. If I really felt that that was there in terms of support and, I’d be more than willing to serve.”

Asked about the Paris attacks how she would help people get past fear of terrorism she said, “I do and that’s what makes the devotional different. I talk about these topical issues, the issues of the day and how in scripture Old and New Testament we can find the answers and solutions to the challenges we’re facing on a day-to-day basis when it comes to fear. We’re given promise after promise from the omnipotence of god telling us fear not, put this in my hands, he tells us.”

Asked about the governors who are refusing to allow Syrian refugees in their states in the aftermath of the terror attacks, Sarah Palin said, “Well, these governors, they’re our first line of defense, though, when it comes to making sure that the people that they’re elected to serve are being protected. Because on a federal level, I believe that the American people aren’t feeling that protection coming from the top that they deserve to feel that we are doing everything and anything we can to make sure the bad guys won’t fulfill their threat.”

The interview was broadcast originally on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

Photo credit: David Shankbone CC-BY 3.0)

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Sarah Palin on GMA (Video) Live Interview on ‘Sweet Freedom’ Book


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