Full Video: Leah Remini ’20/20′ Interview on Scientology

Here’s the full video of Leah Remini’s interview on Scientology on ABC News’ 20/20.’ The former ‘The King of Queens” star opened up about her decades in the controversial church, her interactions with the leadership and celebrities including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She also opened up about her decision to leave and the backlash from the church. The replay and more details are below.

Leah Remini has a new memoir, ‘Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology,’ set for publication on November 3rd by Ballantine Books and available at Amazon. The highly anticipated book details her more than 30 years in the church including her early years, joining The Sea Org and more.

In the 20/20 interview with ABC News’ Dan Harris, Remini covered a wide range of topics including her interactions with Tom Cruise and his then-wife Katie Holmes. She also spoke about the couple’s wedding and having been instructed by the church to invite Jennifer Lopez and her then-husband Marc Anthony.

She said of her life after having left the church, “At the end, I mean I don’t regret what I’ve been through. I don’t regret spending my life there, because it really did teach me a lot … and because we’ve all survived it, we’re all surviving it and living life and it’s kind of like we have a gift of second chance of life.”

The full transcript is here, including photos as well as statements in response from the Church of Scientology. The interview was broadcast originally on Friday, October 30, 2015.

The full video is below.

Part 1 – Early beginnings in Scientology

Part 2 – How Scientology helped her acting career

Part 3 — Friendship with Tom Cruise; his wedding to Katie Holmes

Part 4 – Remini talks about how and why she almost didn’t leave Scientology.

Part 5 – Remini reflects on her years in Scientology

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Full Video: Leah Remini ’20/20′ Interview on Scientology


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