Full Video: Donald Trump on ‘The View’ Live Phone Interview

Donald Trump

Here’s the full video of Donald Trump’s live phone interview on The View. The GOP Presidential front-runner spoke with co-hosts on a range of topics including the Iran nuclear deal, the latest poll numbers, Dr. Ben Carson questioning his faith, his remarks about Carly Firinoa narrowing the lead, immigration and more. See the replay and get more details below.

The video is above. The real-estate mogul and 2016 GOP Presidential front-runner spoke continued to criticize the Iran deal and questioned why the four hostages in Iran were not freed as part of the deal.

He said the Iran nuclear deal was a “very bad deal” and elaborated on how it could be improved. Asked about his rise in the polls he said that his wife and daughter have been telling him he should talk more about women’s issues.

He also noted that he has support of 25 percent of African-Americans, which he says is the highest ever for a Republican.

Joy Behar asked him about what he had said about GOP Carly Fiorina in a ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine interview, in which he said “Look at that face.” Trump said, “I will say this, I’m talking about her persona. She failed miserably [as CEO of] Hewlett-Packard.” He reiterated, and said, “I’m talking about persona.

Ask about a Trump-Kanye ticket, he said, “The thing I like best about Kanye is he always speaks nicely of me.”

Asked about Ben Carson’s remarks about his faith, Trump said, “He doesn’t know me. I mean I literally hardly know him.” He went on to speak about Carson’s faith and said, “I didn’t notice this four or five years ago. He shouldn’t question somebody else’s faith when he doesn’t know them.”

Whoopie Goldberg asked about his stance on immigrants, considering his wife is an immigrant and his parents were immigrants. He said, “I’m saying illegal immigration is a tremendous problem in this country and I want them out. People have to go through a process. They have to come in legally.”

Joy Behar asked about him previously being a Democrat — noting his view that hedge fund managers should be paying more taxes and his willingness to take in Syrian refugees — and she asked him if he’s still really a Democrat at heart.” Trump said, “I have a very big heart and I want to take care of people. I used to be a D and Ronald Reagan used to be a Republican. I’m a Republican with a very big heart.”

Asked what he would do with women’s issues, he said, “I want to say that I cherish women and I want to protect women and I want to take care of women.” Whoopie Goldberg challenged him, and he replied saying, “I do think I’m well informed.”

The interview was first broadcast live on Thursday, September 10, 2015.

Photo credit: David Shankbone (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Full Video: Donald Trump on ‘The View’ Live Phone Interview


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