Howard Stern Pays Tribute to Joan Rivers (Audio)

Joan Rivers

Here is the audio of Howard Stern’s tribute to Joan Rivers on his radio show. A day after delivering the eulogy at the comic legend’s star-studded funeral in New York City, Stern reminisced about Rivers and paid homage. Hear the streaming audio replay and get more details below after the jump.

Howard Stern spoke at length about Joan Rivers’ legacy as a trailblazing comedian. He reminisced about his friendship with her, and he also talked about the funeral which had been held on Sunday morning at Temple Emanu-El on Fifth Avenue which saw numerous celebrities and public figures attending, and where, as noted, he delivered the eulogy.

He spoke about what it was like preparing for the eulogy, saying, “I didn’t want to say the wrong thing I was in touch with Louis C.K. and he said, ‘You know, Joan really deserves a great send off. He said something very profound. He said, ‘Joan was like an aunt or a best friend who could make everything better.’ Even in times after say 9/11 or the country just seems to be going down or things just seem to be bad, when she would crack a joke … you didn’t feel so alone. It just made you feel better knowing Joan Rivers was making a joke about it.”

The audio is below.

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