T-Pain on The Arsenio Hall Show (Video) Jan. 16, 2014 Performance, Interview


Here is the video of T-Pain on The Arsenio Hall Show’ from Thurs. Jan. 16, 2014. Watch the interview and performance ‘Up Down (Do this all Day)’ by the multi-Grammy winning rapper. The replay and more details are below after the jump.

In the interview with host Arsenio Hall, T-Pain talked about his use of Auto-Tune. In explaining what the pitch-correction software can and can’t do, he joked that it can’t make someone who can’t sing sound like a mixture of Fergie and Jesus. He sang a capella without it revealing his natural voice.

He also talked about his wife to whom he has been married for 11 years and the agreement they have “to involve other people” and travel the world and visit strip clubs around the world.

Later he performed in a song from his forthcoming album, ‘Stoicville: The Phoenix.’

The full replay is below.


YouTube link

Performance ‘Up Down (Do this all Day)’

YouTube link

T-Pain on The Arsenio Hall Show (Video) Jan. 16, 2014 Interview, Performance

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