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MC Serch on The Arsenio Hall Show (Video) Jan. 7, 2014 Interview


Here is the video of MC Serch on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ from Tues. Jan. 7, 2014. Watch the interview of the former member of the hip-hop group 3rd Bass of who now has a new daytime TV talk show. The replay and more details are below after the jump.

In the interview with host Arsenio Hall, MC Serch spoke about his latest venture which is a new talk show on daytime television in which he is focused on helping people who are guests on the show.

He said that while there will be conflict on the show, the ultimate goal is to get to resolution. Quoting his friend, he said the objective is to “go from ratchetness to righteousness in 60 minutes.” He said that he wants to help people who have not not had the chance, as he had, to undergo counseling or therapy to be able find resolution to their issues within the context of the program.

Later, MC Serch freestyled about the show.

The replay is below.

YouTube link

YouTube link

MC Serch on The Arsenio Hall Show (Video) Jan. 7, 2014 Interview

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