Trayvon Martin’s Parents Today Show (Video) July 18, 2013 Live Interview with Matt Lauer


Here is the video of Trayvon Martin’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, on the ‘Today Show’ from Thurs. July 18, 2013. See the full live interview conducted by NBC’s Matt Lauer on the George Zimmerman verdict in the trial of the slain teenage son. Replay plus more details are below, after the jump.

The replay is above. The family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, also took part in the interview.

Asked how they felt about the not guilty verdict, acquitting George Zimmerman of second degree murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting death of their 17-year-old son, the father, Tracy Martin, said they were “shocked.”

Asked for their reaction to Juror B-37’s interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, who said she believed the scream for help was from George Z, Marti said he disagreed. “We know in our hearts that that was our child screaming for help.”

Asked if she believe the system had failed Trayvon Martin with the verdict, the mother, Sybrina Fulton said, “I think it failed Trayvon to a certain degree. I think we let the process take its course. We didn’t get the verdict that we were looking for because we wanted him to be held accountable.” She added, “Yes, I think we were disappointed.”

Asked what would you like to say to jurors, Martin said, “I really don’t have anything personally to say. I just didn’t understand how can you let a killer of an unarmed child go free? What would your verdict have been had it been your child?” He added, “I want them to put them in our shoes.”

Regarding the street protests, Fulton said, “We think the protests should be peaceful protests. We’re not saying for them not to protest because they have a right to protest.”

Asked if their faith allows them to forgive George Zimmerman, Martin said he thought that forgiveness is a healing process that takes time. “The Bible says that you have to forgive and forget, but also the healing process is a long process.”

Asked what they would like the federal government to do, Tracy Martin said they wanted the government to “look into it and weigh all of the options.” He added, “As parents, we just feel that there could have been something more done.”

Asked about their own work, he said, “We’re working diligently with the Trayvon Martin foundation, a foundation that we’ve co-founded, and some of the mission of our organization is to mentor, to do scholarships, to educate communities on the laws.” He added, “Even though nothing we can say or do to get Trayvon back, maybe we can help someone else not lose their child.”

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Trayvon Martin’s Parents Today Show (Video) July 18, 2013 Live Interview with Matt Lauer

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