Lupe Fiasco #1234 Music Video Trilogy ‘Lamborghini Angels,’ ‘ITAL (Roses),’ ‘Audubon Ballroom’


Here is Lupe Fiasco’s ‘#1234’ video trilogy. It is the official music video of ‘Lamborghini Angels,’ ‘ITAL (Roses),’ and ‘Audubon Ballroom’ — three tracks from the Grammy-winning Chicago rapper’s 2012 album, ‘Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1.’ The full clip and more details are below, after the jump.

The video is above (explicit, NSFW). Running slightly less than 13 minutes in length, it was directed by Alex Nazari.

With numerous unforgettable visuals it tackles some of the controversial social and political issues raised in the three songs, including gun violence, racism and the proliferation of fast food, among others. It culminates in an unpredictable ending.

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Lupe Fiasco #1234 Music Video Trilogy: ‘Lamborghini Angels,’ ‘ITAL (Roses),’ ‘Audubon Ballroom’

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