Miss USA 2013 Winner: Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut USA (Photos, Video)


Miss Connecticut USA Erin Brady is the Miss USA 2013 winner; see photos and video below. She was crowned on Sunday, June 16 at the 62nd annual pageant at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The first runner up is Miss Alabama USA Mary Margaret McCord.

She emerged victorious from an original field of 51 contestants that was narrowed down to a round of competing semi-finalists and finalists in the live NBC broadcast hosts E! News’ Giuliana Rancic and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Details, video highlights and pics are below after the jump.

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Watch the replay video of the crowning moment above. More video is below.

Click here for the official Erin Brady biography and photo gallery at the Miss USA Web site. She is 25 years old and is an accountant whose hometown is East Hampton, CT. A graduate of Central Connecticut State University majoring in finance, she works for Prudential Financial in Hartford, CT and plans to pursue an MBA degree. Click here for more pictures of the 2013 winner, including swimsuit. Follow her on Twitter @MissUSA for all the latest updates.

A full gallery of pageant photos including evening gown, bikini swim-suit competition as well as the crowning moment is here.

The outgoing Miss USA 2012, Nana Meriwether of Maryland (who replaced Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island, the original winner who went on to become Miss Universe 2012) is the one who relinquished the crown to the 2013 winner, Erin Brady. She was selected by judges Betsey Johnson, Bob Harper and Mo Rocca among others.

Remaining Miss USA 2013 finalists were as follows:

1st Runner Up: Miss Alabama – Margaret McCord
2nd Runner Up: Miss Illinois – Stacie Juris
3rd Runner Up: Miss Utah – Marissa Powell
4th Runner Up: Miss Texas Ali Nugent
5th Runner Up: Miss South Carolina – Megan Pinckney.

In her interview question, Erin Brady was asked by about the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision which upholds the right of law enforcement to collect DNA from anyone who is arrested. She said:

“I would agree that if somebody is being prosecuted and has committed a crime that is that severe, that they should submit a DNA test,” she told the judges. “If we can come one step closer to finding who’s done it, we should do so.”

She also gave her take on the challenges social media has presented to young people.

“I think that unfortunately everybody today has resorted to tweeting or sending text messages,” she said. “Verbal communication is something everybody is lacking. I’m a people person, and I know I’d rather shake your hand than send a text.”

Watch swimsuit competition (with a live performance from the Jonas Brothers), evening gown competition and final interview video below, followed by the full list of the original 51 contestants.

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YouTube Link

YouTube Link

Full list of 2013 Miss USA contestants

1. Miss Alabama USA 2013, Mary Margaret McCord

2. Miss Alaska USA 2013, Melissa McKinney

3. Miss Arizona USA 2013, Rachel Massie

4. Miss Arkansas USA 2013, Hannah Billingsley

5. Miss California USA 2013, Mabelynn Capeluj

6. Miss Colorado USA 2013, Amanda Wiley

7. Miss Connecticut USA 2013, Erin Brady

8. Miss Delaware USA 2013, Rachel Baiocco

9. Miss District of Columbia USA, Jessica Frith

10. Miss Florida USA 2013, Michelle Aguirre

11. Miss Georgia USA 2013, Brittany Sharp

12. Miss Hawaii USA 2013, Brianna Acosta

13. Miss Idaho USA 2013, Marissa Wickland

14. Miss Illinois USA 2013, Stacie Juris

15. Miss Indiana USA 2013, Emily Hart

16. Miss Iowa USA 2013, Richelle Orr

17. Miss Kansas USA 2013, Staci Klinginsmith

18. Miss Kentucky USA 2013, Allie Leggett

19. Miss Louisiana USA 2013, Kristen Girault

20. Miss Maine USA 2013, Ali Clair

21. Miss Maryland USA 2013, Kasey Staniszewski

22. Miss Massachusetts USA 2013, Sarah Kidd

23. Miss Michigan USA 2013, Jaclyn Schultz

24. Miss Minnesota USA 2013, Danielle Hooper

25. Miss Mississippi USA 2013, Paromita Mitra

26. Miss Missouri USA 2013, Ellie Holtman

27. Miss Montana USA 2013, Kacie West

28. Miss Nebraska USA 2013, Ellie Lorenzen

29. Miss Nevada USA 2013, Chelsea Caswell

30. Miss New Hampshire USA 2013, Amber Faucher

31. Miss New Jersey USA 2013, Libell Duran

32. Miss New Mexico USA 2013, Kathleen Danzer

33. Miss New York USA 2013, Joanne Nosuchinsky

34. Miss North Carolina USA 2013, Ashley Mills

35. Miss North Dakota USA 2013, Stephanie Erickson

36. Miss Ohio USA 2013, Kristin Smith

37. Miss Oklahoma USA 2013, Makenzie Muse

38. Miss Oregon USA 2013, Gabrielle Neilan

39. Miss Pennsylvania USA 2013, Jessica Billings

40. Miss Rhode Island USA 2013, Brittany Stenovitch

41. Miss South Carolina USA 2013, Megan Pinckney

42. Miss South Dakota USA 2013, Jessica Albers

43. Miss Tennessee USA 2013, Brenna Mader

44. Miss Texas USA 2013, Alexandria Nugent

45. Miss Utah USA 2013, Marissa Powell

46. Miss Vermont USA 2013, Sarah Westbrook

47. Miss Virginia USA 2013, Shannon McAnally

48. Miss Washington USA 2013, Cassandra Searles

49. Miss West Virginia USA 2013, Chelsea Welch

50. Miss Wisconsin USA 2013, Chrissy Zamora

51. Miss Wyoming USA 2013, Courtney Gifford

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