National Geographic Taboo: Devils and Demons (Videos, Photos)

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National Geographic Taboo: Devils and Demons

Here are National Geographic Taboo ‘Devils and Demons’ video and photos from season 8 episode 21. It will be broadcast on Monday, November 19, 2012 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Nat Geo Channel. Synopsis, pictures and video previews, and more details below.

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Watch a preview video above; another preview clip posted below.

Episode 21 of season 8 gives a viewers a look at how various cultures and societies have dealt with the world of unseen and malevolent spirits that take possession of the bodies of humans. Whatever the approach, and whatever the spirit may be called, be it devil, demon, or some given name — the acknowledged belief is similar, that evil can manifest in a physical form and it must be done away with.

As seen in the preview video and the photo above, Brynne Larson leads a group of five teenage girls in Arizona who take on the task themselves and become engaged in battles with demons. Their solution of choice is exorcism. But they do not rely on priests in the Catholic church; they themselves become exorcists.

In South America, we will see the plight of miners in Bolivia who work in the Potosi silver mines. They believe the way they can survive unscathed is to make a deal with the devil. Meanwhile, a man in Colombia believes he suffers from demonic possession and that he has no choice but to commit suicide or seek out exorcism. But he’s looking for a kind of exorcism that his church does not sanction. Unwieldy and strange as the ritual may seem, the real question is, will it work for him?

National Geographic Taboo Devils and Demons

Photo: Kimberly Daniels leads a prayer session. Photograph by Beyond Productions

As seen in the video below and the picture above, Kimberley Daniels, a former prostitute and drug addict in Jacksonville, Florida has become an evangelical minister who seeks to free souls by ridding them of demonic possession.

The full episode guide and schedule of upcoming episodes is here, along with links to full episode video, articles, a Facebook game. More photos from the ‘Devils and Demons’ episode can be seen here.

Top photo: Brynne Larson and her best friends are teenage exorcists. Photograph by Beyond Productions

Watch preview video below.

Video courtesy of National Geographic Channel.

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National Geographic Taboo: Devils and Demons (Videos, Photos)

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