George Clooney Meet the Press Video Mar. 18, 2012 Full Interview with David Gregory

George Clooney

Here is the George Clooney Meet the Press video from Sunday, Mar. 18, 2012. Watch the full interview conducted by moderator David Gregory regarding the Sudan crisis and the work that the Oscar-winning actor, director and activist is doing on behalf of the people caught in the conflict.


Watch replay video above; click here for full transcript text. A summary follows.

George Clooney’s appearance on the program, alongside human-rights activist John Prendergast, caps off a week which saw him draw attention to Sudan with a Today Show interview, his testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the situation in Sudan and his arrest at the Sudan Embassy along with his father, journalist Nick Clooney, and several activists including members of Congress as well as Martin Luther King III and NAACP President Ben Jealous among others.

In the interview, prerecorded for broadcast he and Prendergast talked about what they have witnessed in Sudan, in their work with the organization they co-founded, the Satellite Sentinel Project.

Asked what he felt the U.S. should do, Clooney said, “It needs to do what we do really well, and that’s diplomacy.” He stressed the importance of getting China involved, due to their dependency on the oil from the Sudan. He added, ” We have a unique moment, even at a Presidential level,” and went on to stress that resolving the crisis is economically important and helpful and a reason toorchestrate peace.

Asked about the Kony 2012 video which went viral at record pace, Prendergast noted that it had tapped into a vein of concern and passion that people didn’t know existed. Most people respond, he went on to note, when they become aware.

Asked if he considered running for elected office, Clooney said, “I think I have a lot more influence here. No super PAC has given me money. there is no outside influence. I have an opinion and I can stand by it. I think it’s a lot easier.”

Clooney was also asked about President Obama’s reelection prospects, as well as what his next artistic project might be. He expressed an interest in dance and musical theater, possibly a musical about a war criminal. He said, ” I don’t know what to do, I just try to find jobs I would like to see movies of. I’m in a good spot with my career.”

Watch full replay video above.

Photo credit: Nicolas Genin (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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George Clooney Meet the Press Video Mar. 18, 2012 Full Interview with David Gregory


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