President Obama 60 Minutes Video, Transcript Dec. 11, 2011 Full Interview with Steve Kroft

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Here is President Barack Obama’s 60 Minutes video and transcript from Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011 of the full interview with CBS’ Steve Kroft. The President discussed a wide range of topics including jobs, the economy, taxes, his approval ratings in the opinion polls, the 2012 Presidential election and the Republican frontrunners, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

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Part of the interview was conducted during the President’s Dec. 6, 2011 visit to Osawatomie, Kansas where he delivered a major address on the economy and the middle class, the same location President Theodore Roosevelt chose for his New Nationalism speech in 1910. The remainder of the interview was conducted at the White House.

Regarding criticism from Republicans that his speech evoked class warfare and the notion of redistribution of wealth, President Obama said:

“Look, everybody’s concerned about inequality. Those folks in there, who were listening to the speech, those are teachers and small-business people, and probably some small-town bankers, who are in there thinking to themselves, “How is it that I– we’re — working so hard, we now have Mom and Dad working hard, maybe if they’re lucky, they might have two jobs to try to pay off their house note, and it just seems like they’re treading water? And meanwhile, they know that corporate profits are at a record level, that a lot of folks are doing very well. What’s happened to the bargain? What’s happened to the American deal that says, you know, we are focused on building a strong middle class?”

Regarding his poll numbers:

“But you know, but when it comes to the economy, we’ve got a lot more work to do. And we’re, we’re going to keep on at it.” […]

“I’m being judged against the ideal. And, you know, Joe Biden has a good expression. He says, ‘Don’t judge me against the Almighty, judge me against the alternative.’ “

Watch the entire replay video of the interview below. Click here to read the full transcript text.



Photo credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

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President Obama 60 Minutes Video, Transcript Dec. 11, 2011 Full Interview with Steve Kroft

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