Obama Youngstown Speech Video: Address at V & M Star Ohio 5-18-10

President Obama provides new vision and space policy at the Kennedy Space Center.

Here is the Obama Youngstown speech video from Tues, May 18, 2010. President Barack Obama addressed an audience at V & M Star Ohio on jobs growth and the economy. The speech time is 1:45 p.m. ET — watch live stream video embedded below. Thereafter check back for full video and transcript text.

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Click here to watch the full speech video on CSPAN.

Click here for the complete transcript text.


Link Live web-feed video. The event can also be seen via the White House Web site as well as on CNN Live or via the White House iPhone app — a free download. The speech will also be televised on CSPAN, MSNBC, CNN and Fox News.

The trip to Youngstown, Ohio is part of Obama’s White House to Main Street tour. Prior to his speech, he will take a tour of the V & M Star Ohio facilities. According to The Youngstown Vindicator, the company, which manufacturers seamless tubes for the gas and oil industry, received $19 million in federal stimulus funds. It has embarked upon a $650 million expansion which will be completed in 2012 and create 400 construction jobs. The new facility is expected to employ 230 company employees and 120 contract workers. [Source: Expanding V&M plant to host Obama]

Today’s complete itinerary can be seen here: President Obama official schedule and guidance, May 18, 2010.

A preview video is below. For commentary on the President’s visit and related issues see:

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Obama Youngstown Speech Video: Address at V & M Star Ohio 5-18-10

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