Obama St. Louis Speech Video 3-10-10 Medicare, Medicaid, Health Care Fraud Reduction Address

Obama Addresses Health Care Reform Legislation

Here is the Obama St. Louis speech video from Weds. March 10, 2010 on health care reform and measures to reduce Medicare and Medicaid fraud. President Barack Obama addresses an audience at St. Charles High School in Missouri. The speech time is 4:50 p.m. ET (3:50 p.m. CT local time) and can be watched on the live stream video embedded below.

UPDATED with full video and transcript below.

UPDATE: Click here to watch the full speech on C-SPAN.

Here is the full transcript text of the March 10, 2010 speech.


Link Live web-feed video. The audio of the event be heard via the White House Web site. The speech video can also be seen on CNN Live or via the White House iPhone app — a free download.

During his speech, before an invited audience of 400 in St. Charles, Missouri, the President will discuss the presidential memorandum he has signed intended to increase “payment recapture audits” in the federal government. According to the official White House statement, these “specialized private auditors financial incentives to root out improper payments, and have been demonstrated through pilot programs to be highly effective.” The White House estimates that the audits could recoup, over the course of three years, at least $2 billion in taxpayer dollars.

The full White House statement can be seen here: Obama announces effort to crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud

For more on the trip to the St. Louis region which is part of the White House to Main Street tour, the anti-fraud measures, and the proposed health care insurance reform legislation, see:

Preview video

YouTube Link

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Obama St. Louis Speech Video 3-10-10 Medicare, Medicaid, Health Care Fraud Reduction Address

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