Obama Pennsylvania Speech Video 3-8-10 Heath Care Reform Address at Arcadia Univ.

Obama Addresses Health Care Reform Legislation

Here is the Obama Pennsylvania speech video from Mon. March 8, 2010 on health care insurance reform. President Barack Obama addresses an audience at Arcadia University in Glenside; speech time is 11:00 a.m. ET and can be seen via the live stream video embedded below. Thereafter check back for the full video and transcript text.

UPDATED with video and transcript below.

YouTube Link Speech Part 1

Remaining parts can be seen on YouTube:

UPDATE: Here is the full Obama health care speech transcript.


Live web-feed video link. The speech can also be seen on CNN Live or with the White House iPhone app — a free download.

According to prepared remarks released by the White House, the President will say, in part: “Every year, insurance companies deny more people coverage because they have a pre-existing condition. Every year, they drop more people’s coverage when they’re sick and need it most. Every year, they raise premiums higher and higher. Just last month, Anthem Blue Cross in California tried to jack up rates by nearly 40%. In my home state of Illinois rates are going up by as much as 60%. And you just heard from Leslie, who was hit with a 100% rate increase. 100%. One letter from her insurance company and her premiums doubled. Just like that.

“You see, these insurance companies have made a calculation. The other day, on a conference call organized by Goldman Sachs, an insurance broker told Wall Street investors that insurance companies know they will lose customers if they keep raising premiums. But since there’s so little competition in the insurance industry, they’re ok with people being priced out of health insurance because they’ll still make more by raising premiums on the customers they have. And they will keep doing this for as long as they can get away with it.

“So how much higher do premiums have to rise until we do something about it? How many more Americans have to lose their health insurance? How many more businesses have to drop coverage? How many more years can the federal budget handle the crushing costs of Medicare and Medicaid? When is the right time for health insurance reform?”

Source: The Morning Call.

For more on the trip to Arcadia University in Glenside, PA (which is part of the White House to Main Street tour) and health care reform legislation, see:

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Obama Pennsylvania Speech Video 3-8-10 Heath Care Reform Address at Arcadia Univ.

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