Obama National Governors Association Speech Video 2-22-10

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Here is the President Barack Obama’s National Governors Association speech video and transcript from Mon. Feb. 22, 2010. He delivered the address at the White House at the annual meeting and addressed the economy, health care reform, and also announced a new initiative to raise public school standards as part of an overhaul of the Bush Administration’s No Child Left Behind law. Details below after the jump.

The President said in part: “We are tired of arguments between the left and the right, between reformers and teachers unions. We want to figure out what works, and we want to make sure that we are giving you the support and the resources that you need to implement what works…. It’s going to require better teaching, better curriculum. It’s going to require better assessments. So we are calling for a redesigned elementary and secondary education act that better aligns the federal education approach to your state-led efforts while offering you the support that you need.”

The video is below. Here is the full transcript text, including the speech by Vice President Joe Biden, which preceded Obama’s address. For more on the the NGA meeting see:

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Obama National Governors Association Speech Video 2-22-10

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