Obama YouTube Interview Video, Transcript 2-1-10

President Obama Discusses FY2011 Budget

Here is the Obama YouTube interview video and transcript from Feb. 1, 2010. President Barack Obama answered questions submitted via CitizenTube as a follow-up to the State of the Union Address. The Q&A session was conducted by Steve Grove, news and political director of YouTube and streamed online. Questions addressed a range of issues including health care reform, the economy, energy, the environment and net neutrality.

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Questions were submitted after the SOTU address up until Sun. Jan. 31. and participants also had the opportunity to vote on questions already submitted. In total 14,476 questions were submitted; President Obama answered questions that received the most votes out of the 774,450 cast.

Here is the full Obama YouTube transcript text from Feb. 1, 2010. The full video is below.

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Obama YouTube Interview Video, Transcript 2-1-10

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