Obama Baltimore Speech Video: House Republican Retreat, Jobs Tax Credit 1-29-10

President Obama makes remarks on Haiti recovery efforts in Washington

Here is the Obama Baltimore speech video and transcript from Fri. Jan. 29, 2010. President Barack Obama addresses the House Republican retreat — the GOP House Issues Conference at Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. Earlier he delivered remarks at Chesapeake Machine Co. in Baltimore on proposed jobs tax credit for small businesses who hire more workers, and toured local small businesses. The speech and question and answer session with the House Republicans can be seen live online on the streaming video. Thereafter check back for full transcript and video below.

UPDATE: Video and transcript below.

YouTube Link – Speech

YouTube Link – Q&A session after the speech

The video can also be seen on C-Span.

UPDATE: Here is the full Obama Republican Retreat transcript.

UPDATE: Here is the full Obama Baltimore Jobs tax credit speech transcript from Jan. 29 (from earlier in the day, prior to the GOP Retreat).


Link Live web-feed video. The event can also be seen live on CNN .

The President first made mention of the jobs tax credit during his 2010 State of the Union Address. As proposed, it will offer a $5,000 tax credit for each new job created, up to $500,000 per company. Businesses also have the option to raise wages or hours or receive reimbursement for Social Security payroll taxes. According to USA, quoting White House sources, the end result, either way, is to lower the cost for businesses to hire workers.

More details here: $5,000 tax credit for each new job a big part of Obama’s plan

In speaking on the jobs tax credit proposal, he noted the newly released economic report on the 5.7 percent growth rate in the fourth quarter in his address: “This morning we received a report that affirms our progress and the swift and aggressive actions that made it possible.”

Source: Obama: GDP reaffirms progress on economy

For more background info, see:

A preview video is below.

YouTube Link

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Obama Baltimore Speech Video: House Republican Retreat, Jobs Tax Credit 1-29-10

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