Obama Boston Speech Video: Coakley Rally at Northeastern Univ. 1-17-10

President Obama hugs MA Senate candidate Martha Coakley in Boston, Massachusetts.

Here is the Obama Boston Speech video and transcript from Sun. Jan. 17, 2010 at the Northeastern Univ. rally for Martha Coakley, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate who seeks to win the seat formerly held in Massachusetts by the late Ted Kennedy. The candidate, who presently is the Massachusetts Attorney General, is running against Republican opponent state Senator Scott Brown in a closely watch election whose outcome will either continue or end the 60 vote Democratic majority in the Senate.

Addressing the crowd of approximately 1,500, among whom were Vicki Kennedy, the late Senator’s widow, Obama said: “You have the unique and special opportunity to fill the seat that Sen. Kennedy held for nearly 47 years.” Speaking of Kennedy, he reflected upon battles he had waged for people, fighting for the working men and women, and were always on their side.

At one point during the Coakley rally, Obama was heckled repeatedly by a two men, one with a pro-life sign, and a boy, who were eventually drowned out by applause and cheering, and the hecklers were escorted out of the room.

In discussing the opponent Scott Brown, he noted that he had voted with the Republicans 96 percent of the time, and commenting upon Brown’s campaign style of driving around in a truck, Obama said Brown had driven the truck to Wall Street and that bankers do not need one more vote in the Senate.

He said the race on Tues. was about, “Who is going to be on your side?” He added: “Where we don’t want to go now is backwards. We’ve got so much work left to do. … I can’t do it alone. I need leaders like Martha by my side so we can kick it into high gear so we can finish what we’ve started.”

A full recap is here: Obama: Scott Brown in ‘lockstep’ with Washington GOP. A summary and partial transcript: Obama to the rescue as Coakley struggles. Pictures from the rally can be seen here: Obama Seeks To Save Senate Seat, Health Vote Check back for the full text transcript. The video is below.

For more background, see:

Check back for the full Obama Boston speech transcript text from Sun. Jan. 17, 2010. Video is below.

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Obama Boston Speech Video: Coakley Rally at Northeastern Univ. 1-17-10

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