Obama Home Depot Speech Video 12-15-09

Obama Visits Virginia Home Depot Store

Here is the full Obama Home Depot speech video, transcript, and photos from Dec. 15, 2009. President Barack Obama paid a visit to one of the retailer’s stores in Alexandria, Virginia to deliver an address on a proposed program dubbed Cash for Caulkers; energy efficiency, weatherization and home improvement intended to help homeowners save money and stimulate the economy by creating more jobs.

He met with officials representing labor, manufacturing and small business. In his remarks, he notably said of home insulation, as an energy saving measure,” If you saw $20 bills just sort of floating through the window up into the atmosphere, you’d try to figure out how to keep them.”

He went on to say of insulation: “I know the idea may not be very glamorous — although I get really excited about it. We were at the roundtable and somebody said installation is not sexy. I disagree…Here’s what’s sexy about it –saving money.”

For more on his appearance, along with pictures see: Obama Touts Insulation and

Here is the full Obama Home Depot speech transcript. The video is below.


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Obama Home Depot Speech Video 12-15-0

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