Damon Weaver Obama Interview Video

Reporter Damon Weaver and President Barack Obama

Here is the highly anticipated Damon Weaver Obama interview video. The 11-year-old reporter, who has received international notice and acclaim for his reporting efforts, has lobbied publicly to interview President Barack Obama, for several months, most notably during the Inauguration. The Obama interview with the 6th grader and reporter took place at the White House on August 13, 2009, moments before the taping of Obama’s weekly address.

Damon Weaver attends KEC/Canal Point Elementary, in Palm Beach, Florida has its own TV news channel and produces The KEC News Report, an award winning television news program that is broadcast to its 550 students and via their YouTube channel, CanalPointKECTV. Brian Zimmerman is the broadcasting teacher and news director.

It is through the YouTube videos, many of which have gone viral, that Damon Weaver has achieved notoriety and been interviewed by major media, including CNN, Larry King Live, NBC, MSNBC, etc.

NBA star D-Wade of the Miami Heat, in an interview with the reporter, said he would play one-on-one basketball if President Obama agreed to an interview with Damon Weaver. (See the D-Wade Damon Weaver Interview here.) Bringing this up in the interview, Obama told Weaver: “I would play Dwyane Wade…I’ve got admit though, Dwyane Wade’s a little bit better at basketball than I am. I might rather have him on my team playing against somebody else than playing against him.

In addition to lighter banter the Damon Weaver Obama interview reveals the 11-year-old reporter asking tough questions on such issues as education, noting that money is being cut from education, he aske, “How can education be improved with all these cuts?”

The President replied: “We think it’s important to put more money into the schools, but money alone is not going to make the difference, we’ve also got to improve how the schools are operating.

The young reporter, in a discussion of school lunches and how they could be improved revealed his preference for mangos and french fries. At the conclusion of the interview, Damon Weaver told the President that after he had interviewed VP Joe Biden (during the 2008 election) he became his homeboy. He asked Obama if he would be his homeboy too. To which the President said: “Absolutely.”

Photo credit: KEC/Canal Point Elementary

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